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Who is Ari?

As I'm interviewing Ari my first impression is confident, quiet, a true star. I know she's on a mission yet she feels so free. Ari is breaking her way into the LA scene with an amazing energy and a fresh unique sound. Bringing vibes from all her backgrounds blended with todays upbeat pop productions.

On her track "What I Been Missing" Ari displays the range of her R&B vocals while in her most recent track "Eat It" she gives us a fresh LA summer pop vibe. Not only can we "feel" her energy through her music (you have to be a Sound Cloud Ari fan to get that) Ari makes it a point to express herself genuinely in real life and her music which is most definitely displayed in the tracks. "SWISH" produced by BankrollGotIt is a banger and just proves Ari's ability to be versatile with her craft while still owning who she is.

Her style can be described as out of this world, refreshing or unique; She's created her own lane out here and it wont be long before she's performing with the heavy hitters.

Coming from New York, now thriving in the city of Los Angeles, California she spends most of her time working on her music and and expanding her creativity.

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